The maple, the spruce, the ebony... Vital substance. It is the bridge from nature to the most subtle manifestations of human sensitivity. The making of the instrument begins long before it starts to have its characteristic shape. It begins with the choice of the tree and the felling, always done when the tree is in its most vegetative phase. Afterwards, it is the turn of drying, until the luthier, who already has the instrument in mind, picks out the pieces, decides how to dispose the flaming, ... At the moment one chooses the wood there appears a complicity tie that will last until the conclusion of the instrument. Contact will be constant. Hands will work it accurately, with delicacy and tenderness. Little by little, the resounding properties of the material will raise, shaped as a box with increased surprising acoustic characteristics. Once the instrument is finished, it will be covered with thin layers of varnish, made with natural resins and colourings of vegetal origin. Vital substance.
(C) 2016-2019 Josep Carbonell Mestre in Barcelona me fecit.  Pàgina personal disponible des de març de 2000. Nova edició gener 2016.